BONJOUR The smart alarm clock

Bonjour is your personal assistant with voice command

Ask Bonjour to wake you up with your favorite playlist or to fall asleep relaxed.
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Wake The Way You Want

Alarms, Musics, Radios


« Play my playlist ‘‘back to work’’ »


« Wake me up tomorrow morning at 7am with the news »

No more morning stress

Agenda, weather, traffic


« How long to go to the office this morning? »


« Do i need my umbrella today? »

the best
of French design

  • Elegant curves, chrome finishes
  • 2 premium speakers for a crisp and powerful hifi sound
  • Screen animations for the pleasure of your eyes
Control your entire home

Bulbs, camera, thermostat


« Turn on the lights in my bedroom »


« Turn down the temperature »

Create your morning routine

Your automated services

Your alarm is ringing. The soft and progressive music makes you smile then open the eyes.
You even let the alarm go on, until you start dancing in your bed.
Bonjour reminds you that the weather is nice outside and tonight you will go to the cinema with your beloved.


A Personal Assistant
Not Like The Others

  • Bonjour will spice up your mornings with its witty and friendly personality.
  • A customizable name: call it Peter or Angela, it’s up to you..
The first alarm that
let's you sleep in!

Set a smart alarm


« Wake me up Saturday morning at 8am if the weather is nice »

Bonjour takes care of your sleep

Light therapy and et sleep method


« Play something relaxing »


« Help me to fall asleep »

Sleep tight!

A smart night mode: no wifi, screen and mic


« Activate the night mode »


« Good night »


Technical description

  • Dimensions : 5.3'' Diameter X 3'' Deep
  • Weight : 1.6 Pounds
  • Materials : Abs Plastic, Glass, Chrome Finish
  • Voice Sensors : 180° Voice Recognition System With 2 Stereo Microphones
  • Display : Colorful Hd Screen
  • Audio : 5 Watt Premium Stereo System, 2 Premium Speakers
  • Language : French, English
  • Power : Universal Ac/Dc Power Adapter (100-240v), 6 Feet Cable
  • Port : Usb Charging Port
  • Connectivity : Wifi (802.11.A/B/G/N), Safe Wifi (Off At Night)
  • Processor : High-Performance Cortextm A15 Processor, 2 Gigabytes Ram
Share Your Mornings Share Your Mornings


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