Holi is a French startup that develops digital solutions for the analysis of sleep quality, pre-screening and monitoring of sleep disorders.

By combining neuroscience, connected objects and data science, we advance research on sleep and advance the quality of tools available to the general public, patients and health professionals.

Holi's scientific team partners with research institutes, independent laboratories and university hospitals to develop practical and scientifically tested solutions to daily improve sleep health.


Holi is developing a voice assistant to support patient at home. Based on its platform Vocall, monitor and assist a remote patient has never been easier.

Vocall is a hub which connects to every health connected devices (blood pressure monitor, oximeter, glucometer) to collect data seamlessly and make it available to the patient by using voice. The objective is to reduce human errors in administration of medication and to increase the level of adherence.

Vocall is the perfect interface to streamline the communication between patients and caregivers (doctors, service provider).


Snoring can impact the sleep quality and severe snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea. The study of snoring is therefore the first level of analysis that the ENT is concerned about.

Holi promotes the App SNOREMETER. It is the most reliable snoring analysis application on the market. Developed with the latest artificial intelligence technics (neural networks), SNOREMETER accurately measures the characteristics of snoring (loudness, number of snores per hour and the duration of snoring episodes, temporal distribution).

SNOREMETER was the subject  of a publication at the Congress of the Sleep Medicine of Marseille (FR) in 2017.


Sleep apnea affects millions of people (5 to 20% of the population) and which requires an appropriate treatment to avoid complications (blood pressure, cardiovascular events …).

Current technologies are not appropriate to promote a large-scale screening of the population, whereas needs are constantly increasing (+ 10% / year). Consequence: the diagnosis delays are longer (6 to 12 months of waiting) and the number of undiagnosed patients remains abnormally high.

Using the latest methods of artificial intelligence and in collaboration with physicians, INTERSTELLAR project is a game changer on the sleep apnea diagnosis market.

6th SENS

The analysis of the sleep quality requires many sensors to be placed on the body during a sleep home test (PSG – Polysomnography). Higher the number of sensors is, more accurate the analysis is, but less comfortable the night is for the patient.

The 6th Sense project explores new non-contact technologies – including image and video computing – to evaluate the sleep quality.

6th Sense is a research project funded by the European Fund for Economic and Regional Development and the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne Region.



Holi scientific team partners with research institutes, independent laboratories and hospitals to develop scientifically tested solutions to improve sleep health everyday.

Based on its IoT expertise (connected objects, sensors and signal treatment), Holi designs analysis devices for the benefit of physicians and patients.

Join our community of investigators. Take part in our clinical and scientific studies and be the first to test our solutions.

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