Frequently asked questions


How do I start talking to BONJOUR?

Except when you hit the privacy button on top of BONJOUR, BONJOUR is waiting for the 2 following magic words, “OK BONJOUR,” to start recording and analyzing your speech. You can then ask anything you want. BONJOUR will stop recording automatically after your last word (end-of-speech auto-detection technology).

“OK BONJOUR” is what we call a trigger word. It is embedded and processed into BONJOUR (locally, not in the cloud) so no single piece of conversation is ever sent to the cloud for speck analysis before you pronounce those two words.

How to talk with BONJOUR?

Just start chatting with BONJOUR like you would with your friends! BONJOUR’s technology is capable of recognizing your intention in a natural way.

Can anybody talk with BONJOUR?

Absolutely. Anyone can ask BONJOUR a question as soon as they clearly express what they expect from BONJOUR and are speaking in English or French.

What languages can BONJOUR understand?

As of now, BONJOUR can speak and understand English and French. We plan to extend to other languages later, starting with Spanish.

Does BONJOUR work in a noisy environment?

BONJOUR embeds a noise-cancelling algorithm that enables it to understand your intention even if there is some background noise. However, your voice must be louder than the surrounding noise level.


How does BONJOUR know that I have a meeting?

As soon as you grant BONJOUR access to your calendar, it can check your daily agenda. BONJOUR works with Google calendar or iOS calendar.

How can BONJOUR advise me on my commute?

The first time you use BONJOUR, it asks you to complete your profile, including where you live and where you work. It also checks if an address is associated with your first meeting. Then it checks several services such as (for traffic information) and Google Map (for the map) to know current traffic conditions and commuting time.

How does BONJOUR’s conditional alarm work?

With BONJOUR, user can set an “IF” alarm. For example, you can ask BONJOUR to “Wake me up tomorrow at 7am IF the weather is good, if not let me sleep”. In this case, if at 7am the weather is rainy, BONJOUR will not wake you up. As BONJOUR continues to develop, we plan to link the conditional alarm to other services such as transportation (car, flight, subway) or sports-related conditions (surf report, snow conditions).

What if my Wi-Fi turns off in the middle of the night?

Will my conditional alarm work?
BONJOUR’s conditional alarm requires Internet access. If BONJOUR has trouble connecting to Internet, BONJOUR will wake you up at the expected time.


Can BONJOUR play music?

Yes, BONJOUR embeds a premium stereo sound system with 2 tweeters and 1 bass radiator. It enables BONJOUR to produce the greatest sound you’ve ever heard from an alarm clock.

Is BONJOUR able to connect to music-streaming services?

Yes, BONJOUR is friendly with Spotify and other web-based streaming services and radios.


Which devices are compatible with BONJOUR?

BONJOUR already works with devices such as lights from Philips Hue (and of course holi), switches from WeMo and Nest thermostats. BONJOUR can already play music from your Spotify (premium) subscription and connect to your FitBit account.

Which apps and devices is BONJOUR compatible with?

Smart Home Apps and Devices: Nest, WeMo, Philips Hue, FitBit, Withings, Google Calendar, iCal, Uber, Spotify, Any web radio.

Bonjour also includes IFTTT.

Do you plan adding other compatibilities?

BONJOUR’s skills are built in the cloud, so it will add new compatibilities and skills every day!

How does it work?

BONJOUR’s brain is built in the cloud. BONJOUR connects to third-party services and gathers the data it needs such as the weather, traffic conditions, your calendar or your activity level using various APIs. For some services, such as Spotify or FitBit, you need to grant BONJOUR access to your accounts.

Is there an API for BONJOUR?

This is something we would love to do in the future but has yet to happen. We are first focusing on BONJOUR’s software development.

Is BONJOUR open source?

BONJOUR software is built on top of Android 6.0 but it is currently proprietary. This is an area we will continue to evaluate.


Do I need WiFi to operate my BONJOUR?

Yes. BONJOUR services are built in the cloud so you must have BONJOUR connected to a WiFi network to work. However, if your network goes down while you sleep, BONJOUR will still wake-you up at the scheduled time.

Do I need an app for BONJOUR?

Yes. We’ve developed a companion APP to help setup your BONJOUR easily and connect seamlessly to your WIFI network. BONJOUR app will be available for both iOS (9+) and Android (4.3+) smartphones.

BONJOUR can connect to your Google calendar and iCal if you grant it access. Then BONJOUR can check when and where (if localization is indicated) your first morning meeting is. It will then advise you when to leave buying checking local traffic information.

I already have Amazon Echo. Why do I need BONJOUR?

Amazon Echo is an amazing product and we love it too. Because Echo can do many things and be placed anywhere in your home, we’ve decided to focus on the bedroom. By focusing on the bedroom, we’re able to offer you the best waking experience. BONJOUR is also a friendly assistant who understands your morning routine and knows what you want before you even ask.

We believe the interaction with Amazon Echo lacks some visual feedback. That’s why we developed a great screen: each time you talk with BONJOUR, it gives you a visual feedback of what it’s doing. You can have a look at the weather animation, to visualize traffic jam, watch the home camera or play a video message.

Can I own several BONJOURS?

Of course you can! However, because it’s controlled by voice, we don’t recommend to having more than one BONJOUR per room.

Do I have to pay any subscription to use BONJOUR?

No, we don’t charge any subscription but some services may require a subscription (such as Spotify).


How is my privacy protected? How secure is BONJOUR?

We want our client to wake up without worrying about security issues or data protection. We respect our clients’ data and commit to use the data only for the completion of BONJOUR’s services. To ensure the security of their data, we use SSL encryption to secure personal data sent to and from the cloud and digital certificates are used to authenticate devices.

How can I be sure BONJOUR doesn’t record or share anything without my consent?

We designed the privacy button on top of BONJOUR so you can temporarily inactivate BONJOUR. When BONJOUR is activated it doesn’t record anything without being activated by the trigger word “BONJOUR”. Your request is encrypted while being processed in the cloud. At the end of your vocal request, BONJOUR automatically stops recording (end of speech detection).