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App Sleep 360

  • Discover the application SLEEP360 by holi, the most complete application to analyze your sleep, sleep better and wake up in bright.


  • More than just a sleep analysis application, SLEEP360 works with connected objects in the holi range and acts concretely on your sleep and wake up:
  • > With SLEEPCOMPANION, the sunrise simulator
  • > And SLEEPSENSOR, the sleep tracker
  • They can be used together or separately.


  • Thanks to its unique calibration system, it adapts to each user for more reliable statistics.

Natural and easy wake-up

Wake up in great shape every morning thanks to the scientifically proven action of SLEEPCOMPANION's light on your body.

Analysis and monitoring of sleep

With the SLEEP360 and SLEEPCOMPANION application, check the regularity of your sleep according to your sleep goal. Follow night after night your sleep debt.

Measuring the quality of sleep

Go further into the analysis of the quality of your sleep, thanks to SLEEPSENSOR sleep sensor. And find out if your sleep is actually restorative.

Monitoring sleep cycles

Thanks to SLEEPSENSOR, the sleep tracker, wake up at the best moment of your sleep cycle and say goodbye to the SNOOZE function.

Personalized tips to sleep better

In your sleep diary, benefit from a coaching realized by sleep experts to adopt good habits and have regular and restful nights.


  • > Wake up in great shape thanks to the scientifically calibrated light effect on sleep hormone


  • > Control your sleep debt by following your the regularity of your sleep every day and adopt the right habits


  • > Fall asleep more easily with dedicated 3 programs: zen, relaxation and dim light


  • > Create the perfect lighting ambiance for your room by playing through the entire color palette and adjusting the intensity with just one click



Here is the list of phones compatible with our SLEEP360 app

With over 4,000 phones on the market, hard for our developers to test them all ;)
If you can not find your phone from the list, it may be compatible but only untested / not optimized.
Feel free to help us expand this list by becoming a beta tester!

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  • 4500 users

  • Over 1 million smooth wakeups

  • 87% of sleep objectives achieved